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For Employers

Thank you for visiting The Professional Bartending Academy (TPBA). Whether you’re looking to hire a graduate or learn more about other on-site training services, please tell us about your needs below.


By hiring a graduate, you can mold the individual to be the bartender you want in your restaurant. At TPBA, we take an active role demonstrating the motor skills and organizational habits to be good. Shadowing is not how we do our training. Over 75 percent of TPBA’s program is hands on training with a fully stocked bar including double tiered speed wells and soda guns. Through our structured 40 hour bartending curriculum, TPBA’s industry experienced instructors develop individual’s understanding of:

  • Brand knowledge
  • Upselling
  • Building methods
  • How to ID properly
  • Customer service behind the bar
  • Aloha Point of sale training
  • Speed training

Upon the last day of class, all students are tested on their abilities of a consistent free pour, recipe knowledge, and speed.

When you hire a TPBA grad, you will know what you’re dealing with in terms of experience, capabilities, and what type of training that individual has completed. Training and education can reduce your employee turnover tremendously. We understand inexperience can mean an investment of time and money, but would you rather have an employee for 2 months or 2 years? Give us a shot and let our graduates pour one for your customers.

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